Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy Busy Busy

Hi there, guys, I know i haven't been around much. But that's not because I'm doing nothing, its because I'm doing too much!  I'd rather do things than write about things.

I also realised that while it's nice to tell people all about my stuff, I'm a local girl whose strength is face to face contact. Blogs go all around the world, (which is why I love reading them!) but my work is done here, in Perth.  With real people, in the real world. Call me old-fashioned, or to be more on-trend, retro ;-) but that's the conclusion I have come to.

Classes are still running, and I have helped people achieve some amazing things over the past few years. I have a FaceBook page Sewanista Fashion Workshops, where I post interesting tidbits, when I feel like it, and I'd love it if you would pop over and "like" it.  I find it encouraging ;-)  I do know that many people would rather an alternative contact method, so I can be emailed on sewanista@gmail.com.

I also produced a number of downloadable patterns for Peppermint magazine, which are available on their site, and are quick and easy projects with a quirky fashion edge

So thanks for stopping by, and if you live in Perth and would like to learn sewing in a fun and friendly environment, please feel free to contact me. Any project is fine, from complete beginner to advanced dressmaking and design, and you'll definitely learn a lot more than you expected.

Original Design Draping Project

Beginner Project:  Decorating a readymade singlet

Two of many amazing projects from this clever student

Teenager projects, mostly self-designed and drafted.

drafted from a 1950's swimwear pattern

textile design with Bernadette Aitken, textile designer, and guest teacher.

The resulting dress.

The self-drafted pattern......

and the resulting shorts.

And a skirt from the remaining fabric.

Original designs

Learning Techniques

Handsewn dress.........

with matching shoes!

 Learning about pants shapes with 1/3 scale mannequin

Costumes for film and theatre

And a Cosplay Hero costume.